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Do I Need to Worry? Very Nervous!!!

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First of all, thank you for your excellent program. 

I am writing from Panama, Republic of Panama, and hope my english is good for your understanding.

back in October 30, 2005 I had unprotected vaginal intercourse with a prostitute, the duration of the act lasted on or about 10 minutes.  I was using condom, but it broke, I do not know exactly when it happend in the 10 minute time frame.

I took a AxSYM/MEIA HIV 1+2 test in December 29 (8 weeks) and it came back negative, I took another HIV 1+2 in January 26, 2006 (12 Weeks) and it came back negative and for last I took another HIV 1+2 test in March 1, 2006 (17 Weeks) and it came back negative.

During all this time I did not have any kind of sex with my wife, nor another person. 

Back in August 2006, I had sex with my wife, she got sick days after, was a very mild fever and low blood pressure.

Do I need to worry?  Please help.

Andy Velez:
Panama, you have more than reliably tested negative for HIV. Once you have hit 12-13 weeks after a possible exposure and tested negative you can consider that to be conclusive. Period. End of story.

So if you are refraining from sex with your wife you can drop that worry right now. Whatever is causing any symptoms she is having has nothing to do with HIV. If they continue she should discuss them with her doctor.

Maybe you have some lingering guilt about having strayed. You're just a dog like the rest of us, so if you want to do something really loving for your wife and yourself you can just take a breath and let go of that guilt right now. The best thing you can do for all concerned is to get on with your life.

You can't pass something to her which you don't have and you are HIV negative. Really.

Good luck to you.

Thank you Andy.

That is what I though, but you know how is the human mind, is so strong that could create some HIV symptoms.  During my crisis my situation was so difficult that I ended up taking antidepressants.

Thank you for your help and god bless you.

Andy Velez:
I'm glad you found our exchange to be helpful. 


I am still a bit nervous!!! after receiving the good news from Andy, I started to fill pain under my armpits, armjoints, in my hands and in the muscles located in my arms and in my back.  I wake-up every night at the same time, but I am not sweating, I feel like a burning sensation in my tongue, but i do not see any white patches or other abnormal thing in my mouth, I do go to the bathroom several times during the day to check my armpits and neck for swelling lymph nodes, but everything is ok!!, and I do think at all time that I may be HIV positive.

Like I already explained to Andy I had a high risk situation and tested at 8,12 and 17 weeks (all negatives).  I think I am feeling guilty, but when I start feeling this pains in my body I start to worry again, is like my mind has total control over my body and me, and more when I am still thinking that I pass HIV to my wife.

1) Please, should I worry!! or a 17 week result is conclusive?  2) There is a possibility of a late positive in a healthy person?  I have not received an organ transplant, I am not under chemo, etc. 3) Been under stress could delay or affect the time for HIV positive?

Please advise.



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