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Cupcake ripoff

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I went to my favorite cupcake place and I feel ripped off.  They raise the prices, the cupcakes are smaller and they get a little cheap with the icing.

Still delicious cupcakes dont get me wrong...but if theyre going to raise the prices anyway, why not raise them even higher and keep the cupcake size and the amount of icing status quo.  It ruined my cupcake experience.

I guess no one else is appalled at the Great American Cupcake Ripoff.  Sorry but I take my sweets seriously.   ;D

I just found it amusing your cupcake thread followed right behind your diet thread in the listings.   :D

Those loaves of bread really did you in didn't they?

Well Ive been indulging in sweets now that I have stopped I am going through sugar withdrawal.....Im DREAMING of the icing on those cupcakes...the red velvet with the creamcheese frosting is the best!  They even sell the frosting on the side if you like!!!

I can TOTALLY relate!  My market sells these fresh backed snickerdoodle cookies and I am ADDICTED!  But now they don't have them anymore..................WTF?  So I totally feel your cupcake pain!


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