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To all my fellow poz readers here, first and foremost i want to thank you guys for your on-going informative information regarding clinical trials. I was diagnosed July 2005 and its been a roller coaster for me ever since. Being a newbie here i am trying to navigate my way around best i can. I also want to add and share with you all that i have been blessed with a partner who is a European medical doctor with a powerful background in infectious diseases,
with the on-going information i have received here along with our own research we would be more that pleased to help any of you with regard to the present on-going trials, which ones you should be watching and why. This blog and all of you have helped me through some dark days and i want to somehow give something back to you guys. Again thank you all and please feel free to hit us back with any questions or concerns regarding on-going hiv trials.   racnyc

Sorry for your diagnosis. And thank you for your offering. I hope we can ask you many questions in the future.


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