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I don't understand why not...if blood could have directly gotten into my fresh hangnail  or  my canker sore in my mouth, isn't that contact?

You can get blood in your canker sore and all of your hangnails it still isn't a risk. I will not continue to entertain you "what if" scenarios.

Okay, that's fair.

I'd also just like to know the scientific reasoning.

But could I at least know what to look for as evidence you've been poked with a needle or a syringe or something?

Read the "Welcome" thead and follow the links to lessons.

I just got a piercing yesterday

I went to this place and they said they always use unused needles and completely sterilized equipment.

When I went back there to get the job done the lady kept washing her hands and replaced her gloves two times, and the needle and equipment that she used to pierce me were all wrapped in this packaging and she said they sterilize everything and kill all the bacteria and place them in these packages so that they stay clean and that I should always make sure in the future that whenever I get a piercing done they do it like that, that all the equipment is in unopened packaging and such.

I didn't see any blood or anything on the equipment and everything was packaged and she used gloves and all that but I'm wondering if HIV could have still lived on the needle and the clamp that she used to pierce me and I could have trasnmitted something?

Also how should I go about kissing/oral sex with someone since I have this piercing now?


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