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Risk at a concert...

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Well I just found out that I have very sensitive/tender gums especially on the bottom back of my mouth....I'm wondering if sharing a cigarette with a friend could put me at risk if they had blood in their mouth and it got on the cigarette and into my mouth near my own bloody gums...

Or if the crusty secretions from the whole in my lip coulda mixed with the germs on the cigarette and transmitted that way...

My boyfriend also tried to kiss me that night but I turned my head and his lips lightly brushed my piercing

My boyfriend and I were fooling around and he was finering me then I worried if maybe he had fucked me and I didn't realize it and thought it was his finger and then I got tested7 weeks later and it came out negative


It's not surprising that your test result was negative as you haven't had a risk of infection.

Believe me, you'd know the difference between a dick and a finger.


Okay. Thanks.


Air kills blood born viruses ,air tight  places keep them alive longer . But i am no expert and i would suggest that with your fears to the virus  stay inside ,from reading your post,that you definitly need to  {a}be reasured at every normal adult activity ...or {b} it is your objective to prove that it can be caught anyway you have dreamed up . Which leads me to believe that neither you need to be exposed to population ,nor they to you.


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