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Hello...yesterday I went to this concert I was under the influence of alcohol, not wasted but loose.

While I was dancing I wanted to smoke a cigarette so I asked a guy next to me if I could have one. He pulled out a cigarette and gave it to me, and I realized he had dried blood on his knuckles and maybe even on his fingers, I dunno,I did not see his palms. The blood was dried/drying, it was not dripping or wet, although it was not brown, it was still a reddish color. I didn't really care cuz i was drunk so I smoked the cigarette.

 Later on I realized I had a canker sore in my mouth on the back of my tongue and I also had a hangnail on my finger. I'm wondering if I have put myself at risk and need to get tested based on this incident?

This is not an HIV concern. Please read the "Welcome" and follow the link to Lessons, then read transmission.

Are you sure? Cuz I'm thinking maybe there was blood on the cigarette when I put it on my lips and in my mouth and smoked it and then it could have gotten into my canker sore or something, or maybe it got into my hangnail...?

I'm sure, it is not an HIV concern.

Can you explain to me why please?

I'm also wondering if maybe someone poked me with a needle while I was dancing and didn't realize do you know what a mark from such an incident looks like?


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