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When's the new season starting?
Also, were you disappointed in the resolution of the Carver storyline?

I can't find any information about the new season.   I hope they haven't cancelled it.....

No they definitely didnt cancel it.  Its the FX networks biggest hit!!!

Im looking foreward to several Fox series like Over There and Nip Tuck,  Unfortunately I think it will probablly go downhill even with the storyline about the son and the Trans person.... I really got into the Carver finale, as you can see....

I was disappointed with the Carver finale.  I didnt mind that it was the handsome doctor...I didnt like the storyline of him being born without a penis.  And the whole finale where he strapped down Sean and Christian was almost comical - especially when listening to the background music. I didnt take it seriously.

But when the son was forced to slice off the member of his tranny friend while she said "its ok, its what I want".  DAMN that was painful to watch.


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