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I just got back from the doctor with a diagnosis of thrush.  He prescribed Troche Rox to be taken 5 times a day.

He believes it started when I burnt my mouth, then I went on doxycylin (while I awaited my STD results, just in case) and that between the cut in my mouth and the antibiotics, I got the thrush.  My dentist that I saw last week didn't give me any indications of having it and I saw this same Doctor three weeks ago when I first burnt my mouth and he said it wasn't' thrush then.

I told him about my encounters, and he indicated that thrush relating to HIV didn't start until much, much later and it would have no relation to my recent episodes.  Is this true?  Does thrush happend much later in HIV?  I went ahead and got another HIV test done, but I'm still freaking out. 

He also stated that he sees this in many, many people that are not HIV positive

Please, any words of wisdom??  Thanks.


I agree with everything your doctor said about the thrush in your mouth. Thrush is very common and can be caused by antibiotic use.


I want to take this time to thank you for the time you take responding to me.

I'm sorry that I'm being so paranoid.  I know the condom didn't break, I keep playing the scene in my head over and over again.  And as I read from a post in here today by Morgan, below, to another 'worry wart,' that thrush appears much later, and not as a primary infection (ARS), has really helped me.  My unprotected exposure was close to 4 months ago, and I was tested negative at 8 weeks, and I know it's not the 'conclusive' test, I do feel a little better.  I did have a test done today, and my results should be back Wednesday. 


I wasn't clear in my above post regarding thrush.  A lot of people come to this forum complaining of symptoms of thrush and relate it to primary hiv infection.  They look in the mirror, see a white tongue, and say "this is thrush, I have been infected with hiv".   I was trying to point out that thrush can be, and has been, one of many ailments that alert some who have unknowingly been infected for many years to the fact that something is wrong.

What I neglected  to add was that thrush can appear in anyone and, in and of itself, does not necessarily point to a compromised immune system.

The distinction I was trying to make was that its significance as an hiv symptom is not at primary infection.  And I left the impression that it points to a compromised immune system in any who have it.  This is not the case.

As thrush is frequestly an issue in this forum, I felt I should follow up my last post.

Just wanted to clear this up.

Thanks again, and, if this is post is not accurate information, would you please let me know??

Matty the Damned:
And as I read from a post in here today by Morgan, below, to another 'worry wart,' that thrush appears much later, and not as a primary infection (ARS), has really helped me.


Stop worrying about other people's stuff! Thrush happens to people with normal immune systems. It's in no way specific. In fact, without wanting to be gratuitous, I understand that outbreaks of candida are a common experience for many, if not most, women.

Ya dig?


Well, I just got my test results back, negative.  That makes 16+ weeks from my unprotected encounter and 7+ weeks since my protected encounter.

Thanks to all of you for responding.

I did just want to make a comment to MtD - I wasn't worrying about anyone else's 'stuff.'  I was questioning a response pertainging to a condition, that I, myself, was actually diagnosed with and they accuracy of information.  I was not asking about that person's condition, as I noted, it was a response from Morgan, and di not have anything to do with the orignal poster's condition.

Thanks again.


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