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Suppose to start on my meds but I am

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--- Quote from: sacredpoz on September 24, 2006, 05:03:18 PM ---he said well I can see that due to the fact my viral load was 189 and my cd4 is 30,000 or something like that.
--- End quote ---

You've got those numbers inverted. I am assuming your viral load is 30,000, and your t-cell is 189. Are you currently on any anti-biotics, such as bactrim ?? Your at a critical point, at getting yourself some OI's. You don't need that to happen.

 Your thinking, isn't so much different to the way I was thinking back in 2003. I wasn't really feeling that bad, lots of fatigue, but overall getting things done daily. Then came the OI's.... The esophageal thrush, the progressive weight loss, and then bacterial pneumonia. I wish I could turn the clock back a little, because if I could, I would certainly not allowed myself to get into that mindset ( knowing what I know now) You need to be on some anti-biotics,( if you are not already, and you need to take them as prescribed... and you will need to get yourself started on the meds. You say you have been positive 10 years now, and have struggled with adherence to the meds.  The Epzicom is only once a day. The Viramune is twice a day,( one every 12 hours) AFTER THE INITIAL BREAK-IN PERIOD You need to seriously think about this. I know it's tuff, you don't want to end up in the hospital .... You need to start taking care of yourself.

Take care of yourself----------Ray

Wow I guess I did have those numbers backwards. I always mess those up some how. Yes you are right on so many levels. I just keep telling myself and others that you have to be in the right mindset to start and I'm beginning to realize that I do not think I will ever be in the right mindset. I can and I do always have some excuse on why I can't start the medication. Why is that? Do I want to die? Its very troubling when I really stop and think about it.
I don't know if I have been stressing out about all of this or what but now I think I have the beginning of shingles but the weird thing about that is, it is on my lower right side of my stomach, and its red little bumps and it hurts to touch. I have had them before and they usually start on my back. Could be nothing but I am watching it. I have also had night sweats two nights in a row, so bad that I have had to wipe my chest with my shirt that's beside the bed. I know this is even more reason to start the meds, but yet I still struggle.
I am not on anti biotics. Maybe by writing this all down on this forrum will help. I'm hoping so.

It's natural to be scared before starting meds, I mean, I was, it's kinda a watershed.  It's also hard to get past the urban myths about how horrible, toxic etc meds must be.  Because, sometimes they are, but they are pussy cats compared to, say, IV acyclovir for herpes, many kinds of antibiotics etc etc etc.

Combo is a choice, not an obligation. If you are not ready to do it, and do it properly, like take yr meds on time every time, n put up with a couple of perhaps (or perhaps not) rough weeks, then wait.

It's a bit like a first parachute jump, scary, but it can be exhilarating, starting won't necessarily be a downer experience. Consider, you may feel better, I mean tons better, on combo.

- matt

i totally understand your fear of the meds. I'm about to have to start taking them too and i'm stressing out about it. But I'm much more afraid of the OI and the HIV than the pills. We are lucky it's 2006 and not 1986. Count your blessings and take your medicine. We can compare notes in a few weeks. We're all here for you.

It is normal to be scared. You wouldnīt be human if you were not...But I started meds 6 weeks ago and I donīt regret my decision.


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