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Pet Stain Removers


Many of you are pet lovers and I have a little dog of my own.  But on my good throw rug there are little stains.  Can you recommend a good cleaner that will remove the stains but wont ruin my carpet?  Some have suggested "Natures Miracle".  Just wondering if you all can help me out on this one.


I use nature's miracle.... it works great for odors when puppy misses her peepee pad.   I swear by the stuff... and if you've seen the potty mouth thread that's a good example :P

As for it's stain removal capabilities, I'm not sure.   But I say give it a shot for that.   I have the big gallon sized jug :P  but you can get a small bottle for about $9 at petsmart... well, at least here in florida it's $9 for a small bottle.

Vous remercier le Dingo. Je pense que je donnerai du Miracle aux Natures un essaie d'obtenir les taches de pisse de mon tapis.


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