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Beauty Parlor Magic


Recently David's younger sister discovered she was pregnant and David's mother and I had hopes it
would be a boy.  After an Ultra Sound it was determined the child would be a little girl and of course
we couldn't be happier.  His sister wanted another girl. 

Unfortunately, her long term boyfriend has decided
he doesn't want to be a father and has kicked her and her adolescent daughter out on the street...
a very sad and infuriating situation to say the least.  Due to complications in her pregnancy she hasn't
been able to work in a while and won't be able to until after the baby is born early next year.  David's sister
and niece have moved into his mother's house and will remain their until after the child is born.

This morning I'm taking his Mother and Sister to the Salon where I get my hair cut and am hoping a little
beauty parlor magic might be just what the doctor ordered.  A haircut, a manicure and lunch with the girls.
And knowing David, I'm quite certain this is what he would have done....I only wish he were here.  He
always knew just the right thing to say to turn a frown upside down.


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