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My little HIV diagnosis story :)

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Hey guys,

I have been visiting these forums a lot the last couple of weeks and decided to register today.

I tested positive in October when I wanted to become a blood plasma donor. I was in shock when they told me and I was hoping that it was just a really bad dream. Turned out it wasn't. The next week I had an appointment at the HIV clinic and they took about 20 blood samples. As of October my CD4 is 554 and VL is 20,893. I'll find out about my HIV's drug resistance in January. If there's no resistance i could start Atripla or Complera. It's easier to take just one pill but I'm a little worried about the side effects and long-term effects. Do you guys know if there's regimens that are safer or have less side effects?

So far I've only told my family about my status. It's funny because when I came out about being gay I told my friends long before I informed my family.

I didn't expect having HIV at all since I have always used protection. Even at the plasma donation office when I was asked to see the doctor (which seemed a little strange to me at that point) I was only thinking that there might be a little problem with my blood or that the blood results are being discussed generally but never about HIV. Back home I did some research and found out about the acute infection phase which occurs in most newly infected people. I was very sick, probably the sickest i have ever been, at the beginning of the year with flu-like symptoms including rash, swollen lymph nodes, nausea etc. The doctor I consulted said it's a streptococcal infection and prescribed me some drugs for that. After 3 or 4 weeks it went away. So I'm pretty sure I got infected shortly before that illness when I was just 20 years old.

The first couple of days I was thinking a lot about that virus and about it being the cause of AIDS and about death but still I never cried for some reason. I know that there's good treatment for HIV but I'm thinking about being positive and its consequences every day like "What if no ARV drug works for me?" or "How am I supposed to find a boyfriend now?" to name just a few of the questions in my head.

Alright, I think that should do it for my first post :)

Have a good one.

Hi walkingpoz,

Welcome to forums mate. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but it sounds like you're dealing with the news as well as anyone can expect. It's good to hear that you have your family on side and as for your friends, you'll figure out when and indeed if you want disclose to them. Take your time and pick your moment....remember you can't take it back once it's out.

You're going to have both your good and bad days as you learn to deal with being positive, but I promise the good do out weight the bad. True, there's alot of issues to negotiate such as sex, relationships, disclosure, meds etc, but with perhaps a little guidance from these forums you'll figure out what works for you.

I'm new to meds myself, so I'll leave the advice there for others more experienced than I. Ultimately the decision when to begin meds and which combo is right for you will be one that you and your Dr must make. Keep in mind that everyone's experiences with AVR's are individual so you can't rely on others experiences to reflect what happen to you.

I hope you continue to enjoy the forums and we see you around some more.


Thank you for your nice words, Growler :)

I'm aware that once I disclose my status there's no going back but I'm gonna do it anyway because I don't want that to be a secret.


If you always used protection how did you get infeected.    I thought protection equals zero risk. 

intheusa, how about you tell us a little about yourself? In all your posts so far, all you have done is demand answers from newly diagnosed people. Bad form at best; leads me to think you're just a Worried Well trying to circumvent posting in the Am I Infected forum at worst. Which is it? Are you just rude or are you someone who should be posting elsewhere?



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