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happening again -- I've already had to sign in 4 times today.  No rhyme or reason. 

Ok -- am I really the only one with this issue??  I just got "signed out" again.  I had read 4-5 threads, clicked on another one and bang -- I'm a guest. 
Is anyone else having this issue -- Mitch mentioned he experienced something similar a little while back, but not a word from any tech folks??  I know it's not a tragedy, but it's annoying as shit...........


no problem for me today Mike.

do you have anti-virus running? like avira, free antivirus
do you use a malware searcher/remover, like SpyBot?
have you re-booted?

Mike, I think this is most likely an issue with your computer, not the website. There are no error messages associated with your IP address and usually when it's a problem with the site, there will be error messages recorded (even when you don't see the messages yourself).

We have had a problem recently that made the site super-slow, but that has been taken care of and doesn't seem to have recurred.

Do you have access to another computer to see if the same thing happens to you on it? That would be one quick way to find out if it is indeed your computer and not the site. Let me know if you can conduct this experiment and what the outcome is.

I'm no techie when it comes to things like this, but if you discover it happens to you on computers other than the one you usually use, I can direct the problem to the appropriate site geek techie.

I really don't think this is the fault of the site, but I am prepared to stand corrected.

edited to add...

And by the way, it just occurred to me...

Are you sure you are logged in "forever"? There are several options as to how long you stay logged in for and the shortest time period is one hour.

Maybe you just haven't noticed that you're logged in for the shortest amount of time. This is the first thing you should check, and apologies if you've already sussed this out as the possible culprit.


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