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same problem here. yesterday and today. sometimes I cannot navigate the site at all. basically "getting stuck" with no option but to exit the site.

Has been sluggish since yesterday - Seems to be getting better now -
But it has been erasing threads that I have not even read yet??? When this has happened and I see no threads - I have to click the "all unread" to see what I haven't yet seen.... (wow, that was deep).....

Joe K:
I am having horrible connection issues.  The site will freeze and I have messages and posts that never go through.  Sometimes, I get a msg from Google that site cannot be found, reload does nothing.  As I write this, I am having problems moving from one forum to another.



My Kaspersky internet virus is going crazy on all pages of the forums , no matter where I click on.

Says a malicious URL is trying to download. But it blocks it.

It is only happening on this site !



OK,  problem seems to have resolved.  No more warnings by my antivirus.



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