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--- Quote from: WillyWump on June 27, 2013, 06:47:30 PM ---is it just me, or are the Forums running unusually slow? It takes like 20 seconds after I hit reply to get to the screen to type in...which is a long time for an old man like me cause I forget what I was going to type.

--- End quote ---
me too. and I am older than you. imagine my experience. ???

that pop up ad used to pop up only when entering. now it pops up every time you hit the "back button".
need to X it out a zillion times when online. VERY annoying! >:(

We have implemented some more security features on the server. It should stop most of the unwanted traffic and make the forums faster in general. Please let us know if any user activity got affected by these changes.

Andrej, Jeff and I are getting "forbidden" messages when trying to do the approvals list.

I just sent you a PM about it, but got a "forbidden" message when I clicked on send.


Jeff G:
I think I have all my moderator buttons working again ... I hope .  ;) .

I'm forbidden to reply. :(

except here.   ;D


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