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When I click into the "I Love Porn Thread" today I get a Warning from my AVAST Anti-virus program saying " ALERT- MALICIOUS LINK BLOCKED"

This is what I get...


Process:   C:\PROGRA~1\Google\GOOGLE~1\GOEC62~1.DLL
Infection:   URL:Mal

Maybe one of RedDragons pics he posted today has a virus in it?

my norton blocked an attack with your last post Jeff.

Jeff G:
I don't asses this kind of viral risk so I will leave it to the tech guys .

Im the mean time if you feel you have been infected by a computer virus then only thing I know to do is to raise your arms above your head and run down the street screaming or grind up some of your HIV meds and shove it in your USB slots . 

I think (hope) I may have fixed it. But regardless of whether or not it's fixed, the thread is now locked and will be deleted in about eight hours (or sooner if Red is online and sees the thread sooner)


Are we supposed to be able to edit our own posts?  I found some embarrassing grammar mistakes in a thread I replied to last week that I would like to correct.   I hovered my mouse all over my message and don't see the usual edit link or icon anywhere on my own post.   If yes, where did I miss it?   If No, bummer.


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