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I lived in Vienna 1971-1972. There was a bartender who I was attracted to. His name was Helmut Hornesch. I loved that man. I had to come back to the U.S., he followed me but was not allowed to see me. I was tolled after that he jumped off of Golden Gate Bridge and committed suicide.

I've had to live with that all of my live and still fee guilty even though I was not told what happened until after.

here I am liiving with HIV since the early 1980's and Helmut cannot be with me. Why? Why am I supposed to be alone with not support from the HIV community?

Just wondering.

Helmut must of been a very special guy. Let go of the guilt and know that someone so special would want to see you smiling when you remember him.

You're not alone, but I understand it can feel like that at times. You're dealing with alot of negative stuff and I can't pretend that I have any sage advice or solutions but you're not alone.

I don't usually do this poofy stuff but here mate is a Hug for you. [HUG]



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