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For Lis- I'm gonna go to Montreal and kick your ass

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Lis- so you block Trish?  You are ridiculous.  I hope people realize that half the things you say are drunken ramblings.  I can't believe you.... I hope you feel guilty every night for letting people believe your shit... You should stop drinking you dumb bitch...


  Can't we all just sit around one big happy camp fire....  or why can't we all just live in one big house and get along?

  I think it's time for another gathering..   I have a few suggestions...  Cancun would be way cool...  or how about amsterdam?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thomas, FUCK OFF


  Danny your dedication to the "Cause" is rather admirable as one fellow put it previously...

  One of the things I think you fail to remember is that we here at are people to...   people who do not want to hear your opinions on anything..  If we ask we will tell you to respond.....

  Danny...  I did not ask you to respond....

  If you have a problem I suggest you take it up with....  yourself.

  In Love, Admiration, and undeniable.... respect


Thomas, you should join allegiance with the GERITOL QUEENS


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