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Granted - this is not a life-altering issue and in the total scheme of things not very important. But I have a few subway beefs.

1.)  When Im trying to get on the train, does the person in front of me have to park themselves right at the entrance so people behind him/her cannot get on?

2.)  Said people blocking the entrance......must they wear their knapsacks further making it difficult for someone to get on the train?  Damn I hate those knapsacks.

3.)  Same thing when exiting...must people block the doors so I cannto get through?  I just stiffen up my arms and knock over anyone in my path.

4.)  I understand trains get crowded, but must people breathe on me?

5.)  Please be considerate and bathe/wear deodorant before boarding a crowded tain.

One time I got groped by a stranger on the train, but I didnt mind.  part of the NY experience I guess. LOL

Im sure I forgot some stuff...but please share your beefs regarding public transportation.


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