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Dont know what to do :(

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Welcome to the forums...  Im very new here myself . I was diagnosed poz only 3 months ago..  I had a lot of fears, doubts,but thinking of me as dying tomorrow was not and is not my main issue.. To many things to do and to deal with before that.
Theres millions of people LIVING with hiv and Living healthy lives. 
This days HIV + is a chonic illness as many others this days..  Something to take care , something to deal with, something to learn about , something to fight with but not a reason to quit life and stop fighting.
Keep in touch..Keep focus and keep on living!

Hello Lookforward it is Eldon.

Your screen name is exactly correct. "You have everything to look forward to in your life". Yes, I DO agree that it is unfortunate that you have tested HIV positive. HOWEVER, it is a good thing that you DID find this out so that you can now focus on your health and get your house of health in order. DO take the time to read through the lessons that are provided to you on this site.

There are many others just as yourself who are in the very same predicament. You are not alone. Work on building yourself a strong support system. Have that in place. Take it in stride and educate yourself on HIV/AIDS. Definitely change your eating habits, create a workout schedule, drink plenty of fluids, get some excercise, and assure that you get your proper rest.

I wish to extend to you a warm WELCOME to the forum family. As you have seen there is understanding, encouragement, communication, support, some cries, some laughter, and a lot of information relating to HIV/AIDS. Also, a very excellent way to add to your current support system.

Again, Welcome! and have the BEST Day!


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