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So, life has turned around quite a bit. Depression is gone. Still on the 1mg of Xanax daily. Still have a lot of gas if I don't take 4-6 Immodium AD every day. Latest test results are:

CD4: 1461 (another record high)

My other test results were crap due to the being sick, stress of moving and a host of other ongoing issues. I have my life as normal as they get for me and am mostly feeling pretty damned good about being me. Weight is down to 253# now. Taking Advocare vitamins, breakfast shake with a banana mixed into the shake and their energy drink mix. Between the Advocare stuff and eating somewhat healthier, I even have had my energy levels restored back to normal.

Latest update. Diagnosed with ADD. On 120mg of Vyvance daily. 70mg in the morning, 50mg at noon to get me through the evening. Sleeping a solid 6 hours a night. Seeing a therapist now. Supposed to be starting EMDR therapy this week. Been a shitty summer due to the reconstructive surgery on my ankle May 1. On the positive side of things, I have dropped 50 pounds and have stabilized at 207 pounds. Exactly where I want to be. Last blood work by my PCP was great with everything normal for the first time in years. Fighting the daily urge to take my Perocets and Tramadol for my back pain. I was rear ended at a stop light by this chick doing 40-45mph. Shitty mood today. Got my first speeding ticket in 6 years this morning after picking up my xrays from the hospital in the next county over that I went to for the car accident. I see my chiropractor tomorrow in hopes that he can get my lower back loosened back up.

November 1st is my 3 year anniversary for starting Complera.

Finally off the Benzo's! My 8.5yr dependence on them is officially over. Dr. put me on Klonipin, tapered down my Xanax until it was gone. I've been tapering down off the Klonipin since July. I had my last dose of it last Friday. Withdrawls were as bad as Xanax at first once I was totally off the Klonipin. Only thing still getting me is the irritability but I know part of that is frustration with my back and shoulder being messed up from getting rear ended at a stop light in Sept. So many of my projects have been put on hold because of my back. And no, the idiot who hit me doing 40-45mph did NOT have insurance.

Blah...insomnia has totally set in. 10 hours sleep in 3 days. Mixed and poured 27 60# bags of concrete yesterday. Couldn't move my right arms after that for most of the night. Thankfully my back only got stiff and not re-injured from it. Going to have to go to another doc about the shoulder now. Unfortunately I already know what the diagnosis will be. Chronic Muscle Instability in the right shoulder giving me another 4% disability. That will put me at 12% body disability. I have 4% perm/partial disability in left wrist, left shoulder and now will be the right shoulder. I have hyper-mobility in all my joints. I should be getting more % points for my ankle too. With the cold weather coming in, the arthritis in my left ankle (4 ankle surgeries argh!) is aching like a mofo. It isn't helping the carpal tunnel either.

First time in a few years that I read this entire thread. I cried. Makes me wonder how much I have forgotten.

Now for the Benzo update: I had to move out the house for a week due to the withdrawal's. I was angry all the time and yelling at everyone. My daughters were scared of me. It sucked missing Halloween with my kids. My pirate costume does not fit me anymore after dropped all the weight. I have been back at home for a week now. Going to have to wait for spring and the ren faire's to get going again to get it sold. I believe that my withdrawal's are causing my insomnia. I do not know if this is permanent. I have been taking Benzo's to help my sleep for the past 8.5 years now (since POZ diagnosis) as well to help with the anxiety. Yesterday I did have an anxiety attack. That was fun....not. While coming down off the Benzo's and seeing a therapist I realized that I had developed coping skills with being Poz. That is a huge check mark on the positive side of things. The brain fog lifts occasionally. Every day seems a bit better on that front.

So the latest. Divorce will be final in 3 weeks and I just got back a partial of my latest blood work. HIV-1 RNA Detected: < 40 copies/mL of plasma. First time since starting Complera that I have been detectable. I am hoping it is just a blip because I was sick the weekend before with some virus that gave me a fever for 3 days.


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