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Started Complera a month ago

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Update: Now that I was emotionally numb and the rage has decreased I dropped my Xanax XR dosage to the 1.5mg. Been up for 3 hours now and feel fine. For the first time in days my daughters came near me willingly. They can always tell when I am "grumpy" as they call it. I am going to hit my shop today and get some work done. Plan on taking an extra .5mg of the XR with me if I start to have issues with the withdrawals or rage.

The sickness if I do not eat seems to be dissipating too. Only ate a banana this morning and I am fine.

I've been on Complera for 3 weeks yesterday.  I have noticed a couple of things, my temper is short and I have bouts of insomnia.  The temper was VERY bad last week, but seems to be tapering off now.  I am hoping that the insomnia goes away as well or I will go back on the Ambien.  Other than these two things, I have had no other side effects.  I too take mine at lunch as it's my most consistent meal.  If the anger/rage doesn't level off then I will discuss with my doctor on the 12th about mood stabilization.


On my own account now.

Xanax withdrawls are done for now. Going to try and cut back to 1mg after the holidays. Side effects from the Complera are still getting sick from not eating breakfast with it (I do eat something with it, sometimes just not enough). Other than that, no side effects anymore.

Torch, you are aware that Complera needs the stomach acid of a meal in order to be absorbed?  If you don't eat a meal with it, it may not be doing you any good.  My DR told me at least 400 calories.


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