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I have been taking 200 mgs of Co Q 10 for a while now to see if it might not help some of the problems I have had with mitrochondrial damage.

I have never had a side effect from taking it and my CD4s range from 900 to 1,200, which isn't bad. Can' say this is what has been doing it, but it apparently doesn't hurt.



There are two forms of Co-Q10:  Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol.    Which form has the CD4 raising benefits ?

My CD4 count was 593 in April 2011.

I started taking Cellfood Oxygen for life, 25 drops 4 x a day and took it till about December. I thought it would take away the frequent Herpes outbreaks but it did not... It extended the outbreaks from 6-8 weeks intervals to 8-10 weeks.

My CD4 was 612 in Nov 2011. My D3 level was however very low...  8.28 as I have been staying out of the Sun. I started taking D3 supplements 20,000 IU and Co-Q10 200mg a day and today I got my CD4 results..... It is 935!!!

Viral Load has remained UD since I started meds in Oct. 2008.

I thank all of you for this great post. It has helped me a lot.


--- Quote from: emex27 on July 27, 2012, 05:32:44 PM ---I thought it would take away the frequent Herpes outbreaks but it did not...

--- End quote ---
with frequent herpes outbreaks, you might want to check with your doctor about taking a daily dose of acyclovir as a preventative. Not only will it usually stop the outbreaks (my 4-6 outbreaks a yr are totally gone, except for one every couple yrs or so in times of intense stress), but acyclovir has mild antiretroviral properties. (oh it's not good enough to use in place of HAART but it's helpful to staying pleasantly UD)

I used to take a daily CoQ10 supplement for several years. I stopped. It is one of the more expensive supplements around. I don't think the evidence about the CD4 raising benefits is strong.

One thing I can say about it is that it would consistently make me puke if I took it on an empty stomach in the morning. I was taking it in capsule form and I still remember the taste of the powder coming back up ... Not a good thing ! There are several other supplements that have this effect on me, EGCG is another.

I would say you can safely skip it unless you have some other issues (heart) that may warrant taking it. It may be helpful to take it on days you exercise. HIV alone is probably not a sufficient reason.


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