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 Not sure if Selenium will increase cd4's

 many +ve's are selenium deficient

 I take selenium daily  ( 70 mcg.)

Thanks everyone for the advice... It's definitely been a change... Considering that I am young and am able to get away with "cheating" on my diet sometimes was always fun... But not anymore :-( lol it's ok though... One up for the broccoli!! haha

Thanks again! Much Love! 

A can of tuna has more than 50 micrograms of selenium, so if you eat that and something else, you are likely to get a balanced intake of selenium.

Taking too much selenium (as a supplement) has been linked to higher cholesterol.

After I tested positive, I used to take 500 micrograms of selenium every day. I think it did help me, but now my numbers are good on Haart (1100 33%) even without it, so I take it only in food and in a multivitamin. I'm taking too many supplements, so I'm giving selenium a break.  ;D

When I first was diagnosed I asked my doc what supps he would recommend. He told me the only ones that have solid research backing their benefits are Selenium, Fish Oil, and a multi. Of course, this was 2009 and he now has me on D too, but he still supports the original three he gave me. I don't know if selenium will increase your CD4 count though.


Study Of Selenium Metabolism


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