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I have had two Dr's tell me to start taking Selenium. Also my close friend who is poz has been taking it for years and is doing great. I recently have been taking it so we'll see how it goes during the next blood work.

Well, just to add my 2 cents worth,

I have been taking selenium since 1992, when my doctor at the time recommended I take 200 mcgs a day.

I remember reading somewhere that more than 200 mcgs was not a good idea, but I can't remember where that was at the moment.

If I do, I will post it.



I just started taking that same dose myself.  Most of what I have read in professional medical journals appears to support it, so we shall see . . .


--- Quote from: elf on December 20, 2011, 04:13:52 PM ---After I tested positive, I used to take 500 micrograms of selenium every day.
--- End quote ---

Wow!  That's kind of on the high side.  And here I thought my 400 mcg a day was excessive. 

I have read various studies which say selenium is helpful for HIV infection and that it's often deficient in poz people.  It supposedly helps protect your cells against viruses.  Before I started medication, I was taking twice the recommended dose of selenium in an effort to stay healthy.  That was 400 mcg a day.  I figured it wouldn't cause any harm because the high dose was only for a few weeks.  Now I'm back down to 200 mcg a day.

I consider selenium and green tea two must haves  (besides ARV meds, obviously.)


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