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Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and well, just had a question...
I'm on day 3 of Complera and thankfully everything has been going pretty smooth, I had a rough first two days but today was easy, hopefully it stays like this from here on out.. ok, my question was, on top of the Complera I also take:
-Centrum Silver (I'm 24 years old but my dr told me to take this one)
-Co-Q 10
-Vitamin B12
-Vitamin B Complex
-Transfer Factor
-Emergen-C (1000mg of Vitamin C)

I heard that Selenium is supposed to be good in helping increase your CD4 count... is this true? I'm at 450 now but would love to have it higher... I know I just started Complera so I have to give it time to work, but if I can take Selenium to help as well, I would love to...
Any suggestions?.. Please and Thank you

Matty the Damned:
Yeah, apparently selenium has some effect goodwise for HIV positive folks. Not enough to matter in the grand scheme of things, but it doesn't hurt.

As for the rest of the stuff you're taking (save for the Complera obviously), it just means you have very expensive piss.


Miss Philicia:
Considering that Complera contains Viread as a component I would spend my money on Vit-D/Calcium supplementation before selenium, due to potential demineralizing effects on your bones over the long term.


The only ones I don't take, is the Transfer factor, and the Emergen-C.

I also take a Vitamin D supplement. ( 1,000 IU ) two days a week. After recomendaation from the doctor that My D was low.  It's Ok now, but still take it.

CoQ10 --200 mg , 3 days a week

Fish oil ( now 1,400 mg ) 5 days a week

When i am not taking the Centrum silver, I use :Members Mark.  This also has 55mcg of selenium in it, so I don't take an additional selenium.

This is the supplemental facts for the B complex that I take: ( this is the one most notable in the urine)

Vitamin-c ---mg

Thiamine---( vitamin B-1) 50mg

riboflavin---( vitanin b-2) 50 mg

Niacin:  50mg

vitamin --B-6  50mg

Folate:  400mcg

vitamin B-12  50mcg

Biotin:  50 mcg

Pantothenic acid : 50 mg

Try to eat a good nutritious/ balanced diet, of fruits and vegetables.



Don't forget to check out the Diet and Nutritional tips from the lessons.  You may find some of this helpful:



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