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Nutrition, Wumpette Style

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Miss Philicia:
Just saw this on the Travel Channel -- I'm so going here on my next trip to Crooklyn!

... and they even have treacle pudding -- but I will pass on the "mushy peas" which, for some reason, Brits actually find appealing


Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: mitch777 on February 03, 2013, 03:50:34 PM ---yum.

--- End quote ---

Don't think for one minute that I didn't see you just attempt to post your first in-line image and fail miserably with the required coding.

I think you are all mad, 1857 posts on food and food binging, you guys must really love your food.

I think Will has outdone everyone for the longest running thread ever started by anyone, do we have a the "Golden Toaster" ready? because he is definitely the winner of that trophy, this is definitely a first, no one has ever come close to winning that trophy.

Jan :-*


ok, ready to get scolded again for another failed first time pic post.
i wish the preview feature really worked in a way as to not annoy the heck out of you all.
(guess i should give up!)
Tried putting the URL from a stock photo from photobucket using copy and paste between the "image" brackets.
obviously had no luck...again. :-[


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