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Nutrition, Wumpette Style

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Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: WillyWump on November 29, 2012, 11:07:41 PM ---LMAO!

and PS - this is bullshit....

--- End quote ---

How dare you ever doubt my prowess in the kitchen!

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Rev. Moon on November 30, 2012, 01:27:51 AM ---And, wait...  Is that a paper plate?  >:(

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OOOMEEEEGAGGERZ... YOU'RE RIGHT! That's so many gay demerits that I'm afraid I can't count that high.

--- Quote from: WillyWump on November 30, 2012, 06:12:44 PM ---What you people need to understand is that this is not your Uppity MissP Fa Gras Escargot Organic Pampered Hen Egg sandwich on Vintage China  ::)....This is a "Its 8pm and Im hungry what do I have in the fridge" and "oh lets just put it on a paper plate since all the dishes are clean" Egg sandwich (which taste the best btw).



--- End quote ---

Stop excusing your foul Texas-bred white trash. Is that trailer rolling down the hill?


Rosenthal made exact replicas of this typical german paper plate for sausage, in porcelain.  And also exact replicas of this plastic water cooler cup, in a sort of thin pyrex glass.

an ex made off with the plates.  I like mixing gin and tonics for guests in the cups cause I can often see a flash of "WTF he's serving drinks in plastic cups" before everyone smiles about what they really are.

It must have been a very limited series because I've never seen them again. Found them in a Rosenthal outlet deep in the mountains that only lasted a couple of years. 

Usually I actively dislike Swiss and German porcelain, which is piled up in most thrift and "antique" shops in these parts, but they do nice gold and white classics sometimes. 

I got rid of all my English china a few years ago. Kept only classic simple English teapots. 

There is some 100 year old, and even mid-century, extremely psychedelic Swiss majolica that I covet and I stumble over it only 1 or 2 a year for a few francs.   One time I found a mother lode in Biel but the lady knew its worth so it was unaffordable.

here's one for 50 bucks on Etsy. and its damaged!

Miss Philicia:
guests? You have dinner parties, La Meechela? Certainly I would like to be a fly on the wall. Maybe I can sashay over during my week in Lyon next Spring.

I like eating off the simple standard white paper plates - they're good-looking, and time saving as I don't have a dishwasher....


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