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People hello! I have such a story: I had sex with HIV+ guy for one month. I didnt know he has got HIV as he lied me about it. After 3.5 months after the last sex i made test and it was "-" and then living in fear i made test after 6 months and they said that i have not negative and not positive resalt and that they have to check it through laboratory. Next day when i called them they said that have sent my blood to another laboratory...oh god i dont know what to do??? Can i become HIV+ after i have received HIV- after 3.5 months. Everywhere is written that 3 months is enough for HIV to be found .....please talk to me!!!I dont know what to do.... ??? :'(


You posted your question in another person's thread - that is thread hijacking so I removed it and placed it in its own thread. Please keep all of your additional questions or comments here, in your own thread. Thanks.

It is totally possible to be exposed to hiv yet not infected. Your 3.5 month test is conclusive.

The six month test you had is what is termed "inconclusive" and it is most likely an error. This result will be checked with what is called a Western Blot.

Please read through the Welcome Thread and check out the links to the two lessons that are listed there. Please also take note of the posting guidelines that appear in the Welcome thread.

It is very unlikely that your second result is anything other than an error. These things happen sometimes and that is why there are checks in place to determine what is going on in these kinds of situations.

I can understand that this is very upsetting for you, but your 3.5 month test result is conclusive. You are hiv negative.


Dear Ann

Thank you very much for your message. I feel much better now and pray for i am really HIV- at last. I am russian girl and here it is not wide spread to be supported by such people like you. Here they dont even allow to make test anonimously...i know it is not right but they dont care....
I am sorry for posting  in a wrong place...i didnt know...i am just new here and was a lil bit confused how to make a post here...i hope now it is in its right place  :)

Dear Ann,
Your work is great and such people like you are blessed.
Thank you very much for your support again.
I will keep on posting on this forum and as soon as i know my final results i will let you know.
Take care,
Jane ;)

Hello Ann

I have got one more question. This HIV+ guy with whom i was in relations dont accept that he is positive. So he has HIV for more than 6 years and dont take any meds. Someone said that if HIV+ person takes meds he has almost no virus in spam and what about my situation then? Is it true? So please tell me: am i still at risk then to have positive result tomorrow???? ??? :'(

Have you seen his paper work, that he is indeed positive? Once you are positive you ALWAYS, contain the virus in your blood or tissue. I suspect you are talking viral load. Even if he has an undetectable VL he can still pass the infection. Make sure that you use condoms ALL time to keep yourself safe.


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