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the effects of Gastric Bypass and women living with HIV

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hello, i had a gastric sleeve in march, i was 269 and i lost 100lbs, don't have any complication with hiv treatment, so let me know if u need more info. the doctor advised me sleeve because he was afraid with bypass i'll not digest treatments. take care xoxoxo

Wow that's great ihopei, my insurance won't pay for sleeve. Are you on meds?...did your tcell and viral load go crazy after surgery?

hello, i had so much success with the gastric bypass, i am not on any meds and i have dropped 71lbs so far. will keep up with better updates!!

I had my gastric sleeve done June 15th and was diagnosed with HIV July 6. I started taking Complera a week ago and it must be taken with at least a 400 calorie meal.  Because of the surgery, I get full quickly, so I hope that the med work. I am happy with the the results, being that I have lost 55 lbs thus far. Good luck to you.


thanks I am 45 and had RNY 3/21/13 and it has been hard to keep all my meds down. I have a lot to take and I get sick and am tired a lot. I have been looking for some one who have had surgery who also has HIV to talk to about getting through this hard time :)


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