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the effects of Gastric Bypass and women living with HIV

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I will also be having weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve) soon... May 6th 2013 and I am very concerned about how to take my HIV meds I have watched a cpl videos on youtube with people who have had the gastric sleeve and they had to crush their medications because it's hard to swallow after surgery. My HIV meds are extended release and can't be crushed. My HIV dr. was no help at all (may have to find a new one) and the pharmacy doesn't know either there's no liquid form for my meds all my non HIV ones I take can be crushed or opened. I will see my weight loss surgery dr. on Thursday and see if he knows.

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 i am very interested in knowing if any of you guys have any information on the effects of HIV in woman who had a gastric bypass weight loss surgery. I am positive and will be undergoing weight loss surgery, completely documenting everything,  but just wanted to know if anyone has been here before.

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Did you have the surgery was it a success

Jeff G:

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Welcome to the forums ... this thread is over a year old so why don't you start a thread in living with HIV and introduce yourself ... Are you HIV positive ?


How do I post a new post to ask the question about the gastric sleeve


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