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the effects of Gastric Bypass and women living with HIV

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hello everybody
 i am very interested in knowing if any of you guys have any information on the effects of HIV in woman who had a gastric bypass weight loss surgery. I am positive and will be undergoing weight loss surgery, completely documenting everything,  but just wanted to know if anyone has been here before.

Hello and Welcome,

Were I you, I would want to know of the following article.

Best of luck. I'm sure you're very excited about the surgery and your future.

thank you so much em,
 this is the second article i have found and your article and the one i read basically said the same thing. the good can mostly out weight the bad although, their may be complications afterwards. i will continue to post everything that's happening to me on this site so you all can have information.

i am very excited about the surgery my date is December 19, 2011 and i know this is about to be a major journey for me but i am ready. i will post  a little history about me soon. thanks for responding!

hello everyone.... due to lack of information out in the world about being positive and undergoing gastric bypass...i am going to try to post information about what is happening to me personally as i am having gastric bypass surgery scheduled December 19, 2011. I hope this is able to help somebody.

 i am 34 african american female, i have 2 children (both negative) I was dx in 96, i have never been on any meds except for during my last pregnancy as precaution in 07. i am currently not on any meds either except for high blood pressure and my valtrex, yes i also have herpes. currently i am 5' 8" and weigh 307 pounds i suffer from high blood pressure, sleep apnea(mild) high cholesterol, and vitamin deficiency.
i am deficient in vitamin A, D, B12, and iron

April, 2011 numbers
CD8- 1235
Viral Load- 7437copies

September numbers:
CD4- 951
CD8- 1201
Viral Load- 1430copies

so here i am today, i am currently taking multivitamins, calcium citrate with d3, and b12 bilinguals.
 i will be doing more blood work in December which will be my last blood drawn before the surgery so i will have a way to compare because i will get my blood drawn a month after surgery and every month for the next 6 months just to keep records so i can document what happens. i really hope this reaches out to somebody so it will be of help. i will keep you guys posted soon

You're welcome and welcome to the forums.

Good luck with your journey and journaling.

Your med-free numbers are amazing!

We'll look for your continued updates.


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