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Okay, after a day at the park, a few whiskey sours, and some excellent herb, Trish and I rented the movie "Very Bad Things".

It is a parody of murder and the crazy shit that can happen when you off someone.  It may have been the ganja talking, but amidst the hacking and fillet scenes, I laughed till I cried.....

Anyone ever seen this movie, and if so, please tell me you laughed instead of barfed?


I've seen it...David loved horror/slasher movies.  And you can see so many of them I believe you
become de-sensitized to them.  Personally give me a good drama or comedy........especially one
that makes you think and doesn't have that Hollywood ending!

Sounds like you two had a great time...........laughter is good medicine. ;)

I saw it and was struck by how it could have been made as a very serious movie if they had wanted to, but as dark humor goes it was great, Im into  Dark comedies occasionally. I'm reminded of 'Heathers' which was re run on cable a short time ago..... They wouldn't dare make that movie today and Im surprised they showed it at all, but check it out if you haven't seen it in awhile.... talk about some Guilty laughter.
My favorite line was when a guy was asked what hed do if he won the lottery and replied  " Pay Madonna A million bucks to Sit on my face and Ride Like the Kentuckey Derby""   yep its a bit dated. but hilarious..

What a great way to earn a cool million.   ;D


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