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Fuzeon -- worth the 20 minutes of mixing?

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LES Jake:
20 minutes a day to mix the stuff up to inject and then possibly get a red rash from the injection? Are the results worth this time and effort? Nothing works for me other than 3TC, so I'll do it, but I'm wondering what my brothers and sisters out there think of this? Will also be taking Prezista/Norvir and TMC-125. Thanks friends and family. Jake


Yes, perhaps, because there are several good drugs in the pipeline that will come out as tabs in a year or two/three, so this is a short(ish)-term option, and one that works well, but it's not a permanent arrangement. Not saying that injection site reactions and the time, detail in preparation etc are the best things in life though...

- matt

I mix 2 vials at once (usually in the evening), takes less than 5 minutes.

Fuzeon can now be mixed up to 24 hours in advance (but not longer!), and does not need to be refrigerated.


To answer your ? about time and effort.  For me absolutely.  Been using Fuzeon since December of 03, VL <50, CD4 looking good in the 700s.

Matt is right though, about several new drugs coming in the pipeline, and this is a "shortish term" option.  I'll be glad when I can drop this drug only cause of the ISRs.


I have been on Fuzeon since May'03.. thats about 2200 injections! Yes, like many things its a pain but soon becomes routine. I mix my evening and following am dose 1/2 hour before bed and throw am in fridge. I was unaware that it could sit out now. Somedays it is like an Easter egg hunt looking for the next site.. but I'm sticking with it.. like dgls44 my options are limited.  Best of luck to you.


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