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--- Quote from: mecch on September 12, 2013, 06:20:31 AM ---Ok for the divas but any hot guys??? 

--- End quote ---

Uhh HELLO...Evan Peters (who clearly is crushing on me)

It's a Minotaur not a pig. Also there are witches floating on the porch?

Evan Peters is cute but he doesn't steam up the screen. 

witches floating on the porch (and in another clip floating over the staircase), Minotaur on porch, and E Peter - meh!

I'm starting a write-in campaign to bring back this guy!

Do you have the Govt Shut Down blues? Obama got you exasperated? Boehner got you bummed?

Fear not, just relax and look into these dreamy eyes and let the warmness envelope you and take you far away..

YAY! AHS, Coven begins tomorrow!!!


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