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--- Quote from: leatherman on January 24, 2013, 12:20:53 AM ---
I thought we were past all the cold war, evil commie stuff

--- End quote ---

Uh no. Who told you that?

I also was perplexed by the kids...are they "plants" too?

Well thats that, just saw the end.
This season was wonderful IMO. Crazy, beautiful, campy, moving, meaningful.


Season 3 will be titled American Horror Story: Coven

It will be centered around witches and cauldrons and potions. OH MY!

Partially filmed in New Orleans.

Most of last seasons characters (Evan!) will appear and they are throwing in Kathy Bates for good measure ;) I can't wait to see Kathy and Jessica together!


Can't wait to see these two together. Although I originally heard it was suppose to be a Salem witch theme, and New Orleans theme is great as well.

BTW is anyone watching AE's Bates Motel? I saw the first epy and found it very disturbing. But not in a scary type way but in a creepy incestuous type way. Very unsettling the way the Mother and Norman interact.



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