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--- Quote from: Solo_LTSurvivor on December 30, 2012, 04:42:27 PM ---
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Yes , please.

Dont forget, they're back tonight! All the crazy whacked out peeps of AHS

including this b*tch...


The power of Christ compelled him. 

No comments on last night's episode yet, Wumpy?  Your girl Pepper had quite a lot of screen time last night.

Judy Judy Bo-Budy Banana fana fo-fudy JUDY!

Off the hook, Satan raping a priest. LOVE IT!

The shit never lets you down, they manage to peg-out the creepometer every episode.

Only 3 epy's left :(

PS- for those of you who watch Chicago Fire also, is that Lily Rabe there too?

Sing it with me now


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