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I was channel surfing and Dylan McDermott caught my eye along with Mr/Ms Quinto who has come out of his closet, and now I see he has REally come out.... ;)

I had no idea what I watching. I had never watched this show as I thought it was another Ghost Hunters show isn't...

.definitely is not....

.and Quintos lover (who he called his ball and chain) is an EMT and McDermott cut his hand and they went up to the bathroom to give it a few stitches and..

Patrick makes a move on McDermott (who is supposed to be a straight married man) by grabbing his crotch and urgently saying

"I know you want me to s--ck your a , you probably have it sucked at least four times a day and by now I am straight up in my recliner and lookiing at the clock on the wall and just..

...really shocked at what I was seeing and hearing during primetime on Fox...

There is supposed to be a marathons of it on Monday....

.I will be tuning in. 8)

Dylan McD is naked in a bunch of scenes in the pilot. There's a towel carefully held after the shower shot, a couple of nice ass shots as he sleepwalks around the house naked, and an interesting scene of him beating off in front of the window.

oh, and his wife gets screwed by a ghost (?) in a gimp suit and is maybe preggers with a devil baby now. Also, the gay guys - they're dead and are back as ghosts. RubberMan killed "Spock" and his Alexander Skarsgård-looking BF

btw it's not FOX, it's FX. That's why they can get away with the profanity and nudity and gore/scare. ;)

catch up now, they've only had 3 episodes. ;) it regularly plays at 10p on FX (which is right after Ghost Hunters at 9 on scyfy)

OMG are you sure you don't have the same fever I do? Hallucinating all that?

Andy Velez:
Holy whatever, Batman! Pass the popcorn!


--- Quote from: leatherman on October 27, 2011, 02:49:24 AM ---btw it's not FOX, it's FX. That's why they can get away with the profanity and nudity and gore/scare. ;)

--- End quote ---

I believe FX (Fox Extended) is still owned by Fox, which is why I was also surprised by this show.  We're saving it on the DVR, but I think we've only watched one episode.  It's time to catch up!


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