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I am a male what was with a guy June 11 2006.  Everything we did was oral done to me.  I did not touch him.  He rimmed and fingered me for 30min and BJ for 10min until I finished.  A 4 weeks later I found out he was HIV+.  I called him and he confirmed that Yes he is. 

I have read all the other posts and know that my encounter was not very risky but it is still very scary knowing that he was +. 

The only problem I am having is that i was very sick, flu, sore throat 2 wks after the exposure.  Then my body got very week and sore.  I normally never get sick.  The same week of getting sick my wife also got a fever and was vomiting for about 3-4 days.  She has also been sore and tired for a long time.

My glands are still swollen, I just got two canker sores this week, not normal.

My body has felt weird for a while now, just kinda light, numb, tingly.

I have tried to not think about the symptoms but as you all know it it very hard to do that.

I was tested at 11 weeks after the exposure with an orasure test.  that was negative.  along with the other STD test that they ran on me. 

What do you guys think?  am I in the clear?   Am I just worrying to much?  are all my symptoms stress related?  should I be retested or is an Orasure test done at 11wks reliable?

Thanks for any help.

Andy Velez:
You were not at risk in any of those activities for HIV, as I think you already know. Testing wasn't even necessary. If you had an actual risk, (which you didn't), then testing should be done at 13 weeks for a definitive result.

In this instance that doesn't matter because none of those activities put you at risk for HIV infection.

The real issue sexually as far as HIV is concerned is anal (or vaginal) intercourse. Whoever is the insertive partner should always be wearing a latex condom. No exceptions.

As long as a condom is used the HIV status of the inserting partner is irrelevant because they provide very effective protection.

We are going to be living with this epidemic for a longtime to come. You may run into someone you really like who turns out to be HIV+. The barrier there to a relationship is emotional rather than anything which can't otherwise be overcome as long as safer sex is practiced consistently.

Also, if you are sexually active it's a good idea to have a full STD panel done regularly. At least annually and every six months is even better. There are other STDs out there which are much easier to catch than HIV.

This time out you have no cause for further concern about HIV.


thank you for all your info.  It makes me feel alot better.  I knew that it was a low risk encounter but the mind plays funny tricks on the body!
Thanks again,

Andy Velez:
Glad you found the exchange to be helpful.

By the way, in general if you are sexually active it's a good idea to regularly have a full panel of STD tests done. It should be at least annually and every six months is even better. There are other STDs out there and some can be contracted by skin to skin contact. I say this not to alarm you but rather for you to stay awake about the issue.


I posted here a while ago about a gay expericance that I did.  I was the reciever of a rim job and a BJ.  Come to find out that the guy was HIV+.  I know that it was not very risky but I cannot get it out of my head.  I ordered a Home Access kit and took the test at wk 12 or 13.  It was negitive.  The how reliable are those tests?  Should I test again or can I put this behind me?  I did a orasure test before the home access test and the orasure test was somewhat questionable.  not sure how accurate those are either.

What do you guys think?  Should I retest or was I not even at a risk from getting a BJ and rim job that last 1/2 hour and fairly rough.  I just want my life to get back to normal..

The thing that make me worry is that 1.5-2wks after the exposure I was sick with the flu/fever for a few days.  it was not that bad.

Any and all replys are welcome



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