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Hi all and thanks for this website

I have a question about testing. I am a male living in the UK and  I ve had a potential exposure 10 days ago. I was told about the duo test that tests for both antigens and antibodies, with a a minimum period before test of only 28 days.
I wanted to know if this test was as reliable as an ELISA  taken after 13 weeks. Does the duo test give false negative?
If the duo test is as reliable why isnt it the primary test used to detect HIV ?

I also have a related question. One of my siblings has lupus and I wanted to know if that could have an impact on the test results ( I dont think I have lupus myself) since lupus is an overreaction of the immune system.

Many thanks in advance

I dont know for sure, but Im sure that I have read it is still safe to wait the 13 weeks to get a conclusive result from the test. Even though the 4th gen tests can shorten the window perios, I guess it depends how lnog the individual takes to seroconvert?

Also I have seen that lupus can affect results giving a false positive, but not a false negative? Also if your sibling has it, it doesnt mean you have?

I might be speaking wrong here, I am scottish so forgive me  ;), but I think what Im saying is correct- but pelase feel free to corect me peeps


I suspect you are talking about the duo test that people in the UK have been finding online. Don't waste your money. Hiv testing isn't conclusive until twelve weeks no matter what sort of test is used. You'd be far better off going to your local GUM clinic - it's free.

You don't mention what sort of "potential" risk you had. You might not even need to test. What happened that makes you worry about hiv infection?


Thanks for your messages guys

Scotslassie, I m not talking about the classic antibody test, you re right by saying that one is only conclusive after 13 weeks.
Ann the test I m referring to is called Vidas Duo by Merieux labs , i dont think its available online but at private clinics. I think it's used in switzerland as one of their standards. The way it works is that it tests for antigens and antibodies, reducing the window period as antigens develop before antibodies. Therefore if you have not seroconverted yet but have developped antigens it will detect them. Yet if you have already seroconverted it will detect the antibodies.
Has anyone used or heard anything about that test ?

Ann I had a condom failure 10 days ago with an unknown status woman met in a club, the condom broke and lef me exposed for a brief instant. I should test for peace of mind and anyway I believe its wise to test regularly.

Many thanks

Oh and lassie thanks for the lupus info.


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