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Bucko and the infamous baby avatar

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Matty described the baby pic well enough, except that he omitted how incredibly adorable I was before my teeth broke through.  :D

My present avatar as a (slightly) doctored version of a digital photo I took about two months ago. I fiddled with the contrast and color (as I am not nearly so red) until I got something of the intended results, which I posted here to inaugurate my presence in the new fora.

Those with loooooog memories (Matty, most assuredly) might remember whan I joined AIDSmeds and posted a pen-and-ink drawing of Theda Bara I'd done many years ago as my avatar. It was cool, but I think the reference was too obscure and made me seem...well...odd.

A photo taken of me in 2001 during the Tall Ships parade in Boston, all tanned and gleaming in the sun, provoked the funniest reaction. A WW in the former Fears forum threatened to "wipe the smile off" my face after I responded less than empathetically to his rants over some unwarranted panic (perhaps the doorknob licker or peep-show wanker? Who knows?). It was up forever, but made me somewhat uneasy because it showed me at a time when I was twenty pounds heavier, before Kaletra starved all the fat out of my face.

I was stuck with the baby avatar (which was only supposed to be temporary) after Hurricaine Katrina fritzed my all-in-one and i could no longer scan images into my computer. It was a result of my recent escapades (noted elsewhere) that led me to dig the digital camera out and take some more recent photos of my mug.

Anyways, thank you, Jeffie, for the honorable mention  :-*


PS: Hermie: You were the only one who loved the baby avatar, nounours, alas!

PSS: Iggy: The baby pic was too cute, actually, by half. I was posed resting my head on an arm bent for the camera, big open toothless grin on my face, eyes preternaturally aware. It WAS a tad creepy.

PPSS: And it really IS sepia. I was born during the Eisenhower administration in an era of high sentimentality.

No one puts baby in the corner.  Damn that was funny.

Bucko's cute no matter what age.



--- Quote from: Sae on June 05, 2006, 11:15:01 AM ---No one puts baby in the corner.  Damn that was funny.

Bucko's cute no matter what age.


--- End quote ---

I thought it was hilarious - at least at the time I typed it. LOL

Yes Bucko is a hot one...I still love that pic of him circa 1978...damn the set of thighs on him!


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