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Does anyone have an information on using Probiotics while on hiv meds? This past year has been really rough on my intestine/ stomach and am considering adding a daily probiotic. I have an ID doctor appointment on Wednesday so I will ask her then, but I wondered what you guys thought of using them, and if anyone had any experiences.

you should be fine with probiotics.  best bet is to take in capsule form,one which has a broad spectrum of pro and pre biotic bacterias, as the amount found in yogurt/yogurt drinks is minimal, and is mostly destroyed before it reaches the gut.

glutamine, might be useful too, helps GI tract to heal and maintain a normal lining. 1-2 grams/day mixed in liquid.


Hello Christine,

Here is some information from the old threads :

Here is a website that may give you some information :

And another link :

I have always been big into yogurt products.Who knows
, Maybe that is why I have never really had any gut issues.

Take care-----Ray

Hi Kate & Ray,

Thanks for the info. I did get the capsule form, and will try it today to see if it starts to help. I have an appointment tomorrow, so I will talk to the doctor, and I think I am going to ask her to rule out any infections since my stomach is bothering me more the past few weeks.

Thanks again!

Have you looked into eating yogurt? I posted a thread on my favorite brand, check it out.


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