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Having a Cold the day before VL counts.

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Tomorrow I am having my first blood test after starting meds. But I think I have a cold: sore throat, headache...Can this affect my V.L. counts tomorrow? Can a cold increase the viral load when on treatment?
The Dr. didnīt order CD4 counts so V.L. will be the only indicator to see if my treatment is working. I am a bit worried because I did not have a resistance test done prior to treatment. The Dr thought it would be of little use in a five year old infection...
This is my first cold since diagnosis.

First of all it is a good idea to have a resistance test no matter how long ago you tested positive.  Second of all the meds can give you cold like symptoms.  Third, why is he not doing a CD4 count as well.  I personally would want to know these answers and a few others. 
Yours, Dan

Sounds more than a little unusually not to be running a full spectrum analysis at this point to ensure that the viral load is not only responding, but that cd4 is as well as other factor - like your liver isn't being battered by the drugs. I'd insist that more tests be run at this early stage, if I was you.

I think the same Juan...Kinda strange...Even my doctor performed a Resistance Test on me (still waiting for results)


Juan, querido!
Every year, before Winter and until the end of March, I take some Nigella Sativa Oil which helps me a lot with colds.



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