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Whats his problem?

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--- Quote from: jack on June 05, 2006, 06:42:08 PM ---...................................... I just bought a 2007 toyota camry,4cylinder. Got 30mpg last week!!!!!
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Boy Jake, I am sure glad that you were able to afford a new car.  Seems you are in a different "social strata" than most of us here.  I have difficulty just paying for this damn internet hookup, to keep track of what you are doing.  Glad you can place a new vehicle into the budget and still eat.

--- Quote from: Dachshund on June 05, 2006, 11:19:00 PM ---.....Dear god Jake you didn't buy American?

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Sorry,  you are wrong here.  The car he purchased is made in either Tenn or Kentucky.  I am not sure.  The Corolla is made in Fremont, California, Just down the road a piece from "The People's Republic of Berkley".  It used to be a dedicated Chevrolet plant, but became a joint venture in the 80"s with Toyota.

--- Quote from: killfoile on June 06, 2006, 01:24:48 AM ---.................................  This has nothing to do with our trashing marriage, has to do with the Christian Right deciding on how some people, being most of us, should live and act and if they have to do that by defacing our founding documents, just to fight those faggots and fairies, what a sorry lot.

I don't want special rights, just equal rights.  All of these lies have been used before to enshrine discrimination into the laws, now they just want to make it really permanent.  What a sorryy group of fucks.

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Finally Joe,

You are spot on with your assessment.  First, these are not true Christians, only fakers that have chosen to hide behind the Bible, which clearly states in so many ways, that True Christians are suposed to stay out of government.  I think the Southern Babptist Convention, should be forced to pay all the back taxes they owe, since becoming active in National Governmental Policy making since the sixties.  I am now amused that the Administration is going out of it's way to encourage civility in this discussion.  Are they somehow afraid of angering all of the tens of thousands of FAGGOTS that keep Washington D.C. functioning.  Also, they must be aware that there is no "visible" opposition to this fantasy that they are forcing on the country at this time.  I think it is super cool that the supporters of Gay Marriage are really keeping quiet here, and just letting them wander around in their own smoke and mirrors.  This whole thing is amusing in the extreme.

In Shock and AWE.

Mr. Tim,

You know I had tongue firmly placed in cheek in my response to Jake....who by the way I really like. Yep, it is so enjoyable watching the right do the Schiavo Shuffle and not get away with it this time. Even mainstream media is calling their bluff....hell's,bell's even Mary Cheney is speaking up and out.

That dog ain't gonna hunt this time around.

Peace Rulla,
Hal :-*

tim, I had to give my old car to my daughters,who are in college. I bought the least expensive nice car I could find with the best gas mileage. I bought the le with leather and wood interior for 25g. Thats a pretty good deal. best deal is hyundais, if you can stand to look at them.
I am hoping they remember me in my old age. I still  have two weddings to pay for after college and grad school. I need to make more money.

Rob - Dublin:
Here in Ireland we have been known as being 'The Land of saints and Scholars'  In 1994 we passed laws that made gay sex legal, much to the annoyance of the holy joe's. This year will see Ireland pass laws intriducing same sex unions, not quite gay marraige but it certainly has all that is needed. Britain and Northern Ireland already have it. As JFK said on his visit to Ireland in 1963 when he was asked a question on the Irish emigrating to the US "Some of my Irish ancestors lived as husband and wife yet they were of the same persuasion and so I welcome every man, woman and child to our nation regardless of colour, creed or orientation". Nobody ever asked what he meant but maybe we need to send GWB a copy of it!

If catholic Ireland can change, well...........................



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