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Dr. Robert Frascino (Dr. Bob)

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That's so sad, I read many of his entries and replies to other people. He has certainly helped many, many people with and without HIV. And just earlier this year he posted on his blog about his perspectives of a cure, and was optimistic about it.

What a shame. Rest in peace, Dr. Bob. Your efforts were not in vain.

Wow, that's horrible.  He was definitely my favorite Dr. in the "ask the experts" area. 

I'm shocked and sad.  He will be in my thoughts today.

Big contributor, big loss. Sad news.


    When I got my update from  The Body  I was shocked !

     I loved Dr. Bob

      Such a great smile and  funny  words of help    ::)

      He will be missed by many people . He is irreplaceable .

                                                  R.I.P.  Dr. Bob ,     Weasel   

Terrible loss. RIP Bob.



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