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Hello everyone.  I hope this finds everyone doing well.  It has been nearly 4 months, since I was last here.  I took a break from here as well as reading  I decided it was time to get my feet back into the water.  First, I got onto the to read up on what they're covering.  Looking for some humor, I clicked on Dr. Bob's forum to see whether he's still getting all the "Can I get HIV from a fart?" questions.  I was shocked and saddened to read the message that he passed away Saturday. 

I know some wondered whether what he did was of value--all those HIV charged fart questions.  Besides that, he also had a forum on fatigue and anemia with HIV.  He also had an HIV charity that has raised over $1.5 million for people living with HIV.  I definitely took inspiration from him.  I would tell myself here is a man living with the virus for 20 years and approaching 60, and he was so active.  He ran a charity, answered thousands of questions, was a husband, and traveled the world.  He certainly didn't let HIV get in his way.  I believe the last thing I read from him was about his trip to down under for an HIV conference. 

I was planning to make my first post back an Off Topic post about summer vacation, but I will save that for later.  Here is the's story about Dr. Bob:

How horrible.  Nice guy.
Does bacterial sepsis mean he died of an untreatable bacterial infection? 


Dr Bob I enjoyed your humor and the way you told it like it is. 

What a shock. It always saddens me when I have to add someone to the Memorial Directory, and this one was particularly poignant - I suppose because I felt like I knew him and because he did so much for people living with hiv.

I too will always remember him for his sense of humour, even if some of his risk assessments frustrated me when they were brought to this website via frantic Worried Wells.

Rest in peace, Dr. Bob, you will be missed.


  Shocking and sad, RIP doctor Bob.


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