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stressing about possible exposure???Or overly paranoid?????

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Her it goes i recently made a dumb mistake and had protected oral/vaginal sex with a sex worker at a spa..I put on condom on(wore 2 thought i would double up for safety)received oral--placed another one on and proceded to vag----both 2 my knowledge stayed intact --saw no breakage did not slip off. My question is since i am married (i know i feel horrible and know it was the hugest mistake ever} Does this warrant testing?---i do plan on getting tested ---but should i be horrendously worried?---I've only had 4 partners counting the sex worker in my life and I'm 26---i never plan on doing something that retarded again but i feel as if i am commited to a death sentence -and dooming my wife --i plan on using condoms with her until i can get tested ---or should i try to refrain altogether until?---if 2 condoms stay intact are you twice as protected?----i didn't know about the breakage risks until i read the condoms link on the moderator thingy----but since they didn't break was wearing 2 safer or higher risk?-----Need lots of help ---hopefully someone gives some good advice  ??? :'( :'(

No, you don't need to test, but you should read about the correct use of a condom. You never put on two condoms at a time.


I found you in another thread, giving incorrect information. Please stay in your own thread - you are in no position to give advice in these forums. Thank you for you cooperation.

Protected intercourse is just that, protected against hiv transmission. Condoms have been PROVEN effective in this regard.

However, as you have discovered, using two condoms increases your risk of condom breakage. You were lucky and this did not happen to you, so you have no worries where hiv is concerned.

You had no hiv risk and you do not need to test. Keep using those condoms - one at a time - if you are going outside your marriage and you will avoid hiv infection.


Just a couple of follow up quest here i have been on several sites that of course have all kinds of conflicting information.(go figure huh)---one of which is the cdc and some others. Also i noticed that condom packaging states that it will "help" reduce the risk of HIV--Yet this site and medhelp Dr HHH which is a very reputable Dr states that condoms are close to 100 percent effective as long as there is no slipping or breakage of the condom--OR condoms in my case.So i was wondering which is true?Does it "help" or prevent al together? Also The other conflicting piece relates to testing, the CDC and the body sticks to 3 months which is enough time for someone to get terminally ill with guilt -anxiety and nervousness to wait for testing and results. I mean that was the staple in the 80's and it's 2006!!!  Also this site and medhelp states that just under 4 weeks is enough time to get a ballpark and 6 weeks being close to 99% I was wondering if you had evidence to lead me in the right direction ---i know Ann had told me that i was o.k.---but as many worry wort's you have answered in the past it's easier said than done (How do porn stars live a lifestyle like that, damn must be the money --huh)---I do plan on testing for piece of mind as i do not have any plans to stray from my marriage as this was my only high risk encounter ---i guess you don't know what you have till you put it in jeopardy. I feel horrible and raked with guilt ----also i have picked up a stuffed up nose cough and soreness in muscles --no swollen nodes or fever or flu symptoms though---to sum it all up ---a suggestion for a good testing timeline and reliability of condoms may help me a little --also would happen to know if i would be at risk for any other sti's i know you deal with hiv wondering if you had any info on anything else i could have picked up --      I also read an article i don't know if you would have any info in this realting to testing and blood types that may cause positive results to show faster. Such as o being more resistant to antibodies and ab neg and pos being the less resistant to antibodies showing up --since I'm ab pos i guess if any truth to it that's in my favor ---anyhow thanks for letting a rambler ramble --and i do appreciate your time and efforts -- and i will stay out of others posts ( ididn't know ) peace


You didn't have a high risk encounter, you had a no risk encounter. People aren't risky, it's what people do that may or may not be risky. You didn't do anything risky - aside from opening yourself up to the possibility of condom failure due to using two at once. It's not who you do, it's how you do it that counts.

The language on condom packaging is a case of CYA policy. (cover your ass) When used correctly and consistently, condoms have been PROVEN to prevent hiv transmission. Someone who uses condoms incorrectly might find themselves with a problem. As you've already read through the condom link, I won't bore you with the details of correct vs incorrect usage. The condom companies have no control over how their customers use the condoms - so they use vague language like "helps" prevent transmission. Get it?

--- Quote ---Also this site and medhelp states that just under 4 weeks is enough time to get a ballpark and 6 weeks being close to 99%
--- End quote ---

No, the only time you see this kind of statment on this website is when it's brought here by another poster such as yourself. We don't recommend testing before six weeks, and we don't attach percentages to test results in this way.

Test for peace of mind if you feel you need to, just don't be surprised when you collect your negative results. You didn't have a risk of hiv infection.



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