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Tim Horn:
We're trying to diversify our advertising sales in order to keep and -- and, by extension, these Forums -- up and running. Just as we don't take too kindly to the content of some ads, such as shady snake oil marketing and unverifiable offshore pharmacies, some advertisers haven't taken too kindly with some of the content in the Off Topic Forum.

While I don't know if I want us to be doing business with such prickly and sensitive companies, the complaints thus far are not without merit. This remains an HIV/AIDS information and support board. There's no reason why links to out-of-context photos, videos or websites that can be considered pornographic need to be posted in these pages. 

This issue has been discussed internally by Smart + Strong management and, if off-topic posts in poor taste continue, I will be asked to shut down the Off Topic Forum.

Nobody wants this -- I certainly don't. So please think before you start a new thread, or post in an existing thread, with comments, images or links that potentially paint these Forums in bad light.

These are your Forums. It's up to you guys to use good judgment to protect them.



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