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very worried

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So therefore is it safe to say that even if there was blood in her mouth that there wouls be no chance of me becoming infected with hiv? Plz clarify, i fid it a grey area and don't understand?

Andy Velez:
There is no "grey area" in this incident. In more than 25 years of the epidemic and billions of blowjobs later, there's never been a documented case of HIV transmission in this manner. None. Zilch. And you aren't going to make history by becoming the first.

If you're having troubling symptoms you should discuss them with your doctor.

No testing is necessary regarding HIV in relation to this incident. And by the way, for future reference neither the presence nor the absence of any symptoms is never the way to know about your HIV status. If you have had unprotected intercourse, which I hope you won't, only an HIV test at 13 weeks will give the answer reliably about hour HIV status.

This time out there's no cause for further concern about HIV.



This is a no-risk incident because not only is saliva not infectious, it actually acts to inhibit hiv infection. 


I really want to thank every1 for taking time out to answer my question and help put my mind at rest, i really admire the work you do on here.


hi again i don't mean to be a pest but would like some clarification as to how recieving oral sex is no risk, even if there was blood present? for example would it still be no risk if they spat blood into your condom? please clarify because i find it confusing.


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