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More on the HIV therapeutic vaccine. (Spanish).

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It was actually 12 of the 18 that received the vaccination, the other 6 were controls. But the results are very promising, with a minimum VL reduction of 66%, and 4 of them having a "tenfold" reduction, i.e. to undetectable! In addition, they sustained the immune response up to 6 months after the shots.

The next phase should see more impressive results, given that it's going to be with a stronger version of the initial vaccine, which was more about safety than efficacy. So I will not be surprised if during the next phase all patients go down to undetectable. And after that, who knows? :)

Looking good!! Thanks for keeping us posted on this, BB.

Oh yes! I made a mistake and mixed the french and the Spanish research. It was on the French trials were 18 patients were vaccinated.
Anyway they are waiting for the permission of the drug agency to keep on researching because, in Spain, dentritic cells are considered drugs...
But the results are  promising.
The complete procedure is:
* 1 year on HAART.
* 12 weeks without HAART to let the virus rebound.
* 70 weeks on HAART again to achieve a viral load under 20 copies per mililiter.
* 30 Weeks on HAART and vaccination.
* 6 weeks more on HAART after the last vaccination.
* HAART is stopped.
In total the treatment lasts 166 weeks. That is more than 3 years.

And is that it?  No more HAART or vaccinations...ever? 

I wouldn't mind fairly regular vaccinations (with very minimal side effects), but...the sooner we can ditch HAART once and for all, the better!



Who knows...Now they want to make the vaccine including all the strains of the virus each patient has and using a larger amount of dendritic cells so that no strain escapes from immunisation and manages to mutate.


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